Forensic DNA Consulting

DNA forensic technology has seen explosive growth in the last 12 years, with a plethora of organizations offering DNA consulting services. Cephos stands out in providing a comprehensive range of reliable, expert services that cover every step of this process -- from how a sample is collected, to the extraction of DNA, to the analysis and independent interpretation of the results -- to ensure that you and your client’s needs are met.

In the past 18 years, Dr. Laken has published extensively on DNA technology, worked on teams developing tests recommended by the American Cancer Society, and holds numerous patents on DNA technology. He is regularly hired by biotechnology firms to help in the development of their products and commercial diagnostic tests.

Cephos has helped to convict the guilty and exonerate the innocent. Dr. Laken has been directly involved in the exoneration of numerous innocent individuals. He is adept at guiding both clients and juries in understanding the complexities of forensic DNA as well as the importance and mechanics of DNA test results. Whether fee-based or pro bono, Dr. Laken approaches all of his cases with the same level of care and commitment. If you or your client professes innocence, Dr. Laken may be able to provide a case review and recommendations for DNA testing on a pro bono basis.

Dr. Laken also shares his extensive DNA experience and technical expertise through college-level classes taught at local institutions, and promotes the value of proactively learning about this emerging area as it may pertain to your case. He includes links here to the National Institute of Justice website, which maintains comprehensive information on DNA background, gathering, analyzing, and testing DNA evidence.

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