In 2004, Steven Laken, Ph.D. founded Cephos on the basic principle of getting to the truth. Dr. Laken is a pioneer in the biotechnology field and a qualified DNA expert, with a rich history of forging breakthroughs in molecular testing and product development, clinical studies, and brain-based lie detection. He holds four patents in detecting and testing a familial genetic mutation that causes colorectal cancer, and two in measuring and testing brain activity for lie detection. The American Cancer Society and the American Society of Clinical Oncologists now recommend genetic testing based on his work in the latter patents.

In 2008, Cephos expanded its commercial offerings to include DNA evidence work to aid lawyers in the growing demand for investigation of civil and criminal investigations. More recently, Cephos has teamed up with leading biotech firms on the strategy and development of innovative products and commercial diagnostic tests based on genetic markers. Cephos is a CPCS-approved vendor, proud provider to the Public Defender's Office in Massachusetts, and has worked with numerous clients who have been wrongfully convicted of crimes they did not commit.

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